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SDAG Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Location: Phil's Barbecue Event Center, Point Loma
3750 Sports Arena Boulevard
San Diego, 92110

Directions: Phil's Barbecue Event Center is located in the back of the shopping center - behind the regular restaurant along the street.
happy hour
5:30pm -
Social hour  
6:30pm -

Menu: Choice of Baby Back Ribs, Chicken, or Veggie Burger (please reserve as such). Includes sweet baked beans and fresh coleslaw

Cost: $30.00 for non-members, $25.00 for members, $20.00 for students and professors if pre-registered by the deadline, $5 extra if you did not make a reservation. Click the SDAG member checkbox on the reservation form if you are a member.

Reservations: Make your reservation online by clicking the button below no later than NOON, Monday, September 15th. RESERVATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER Monday at noon. Late reservations/cancellations are preferred over walk-ins or no-shows. Fees payable at the meeting or pre-pay with PayPal.
As a new payment option, there will be a phone credit card reader at the meeting.

If you are a current SDAG member and are not getting e-mail announcements,
make sure the SDAG secretary has your correct e-mail address.

7:15pm -

Speaker: Gillian (Jill) Krezoski - Missions Operations Specialist, Malin Space Science Systems

"Geology with MAHLI - Mars through a Hand Lens"

Abstract: The Mars Curiosity Rover has now been on Mars for two Earth years (since August 5, 2012)! Since her landing in Gale Crater, Curiosity has discovered water-derived environments, minerals that make up the foundation of life as we know it, and has measured critical parameters needed to design future human travel to Mars. Now, Curiosity is going above and beyond her initial prime mission objectives in order to recreate the geologic history of Gale Crater. We are heading to a large canyon where we can traverse up Mt. Sharp, the large mountain in the middle of Gale Crater, and create a geologic stratigraphic section. This talk will discuss some of the geology we have seen so far through the eyes of MAHLI - the Mars Hand Lens imager.

Windjana Drill target - MCAM taking a picture of MAHLI taking a picture of the drill hole and tailings on left; MAHLI image of drill hole and tailings on right.

Gillian (Jill) Krezoski is a geologist working as a Missions Operations Specialist for the Mars Science Laboratory at Malin Space Science Systems in Sorrento Valley, California. Established in 1990, Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) designs, builds, and operates space camera systems for government and commercial aerospace customers. Several cameras built by MSSS are currently operating in orbit around Mars and the Moon. An additional deep space camera is on its way to Jupiter (Junocam) and is expected to arrive in October, 2016.

Gillian received her Bachelor's degree in geology at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire where she specialized in Mississippian near-shore eolian sedimentology in Pennsylvania. She went on to obtain her Master's degree in Earth Science at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), where she specialized in Quaternary near-shore marine sedimentology at a geoarcheological site in Turkey called Liman Tepe/Klazomenai. After graduating in 2008, Gillian moved to Pittsburgh where she worked for a geotechnical engineering company completing Environmental Impact Analyses for international nuclear plant sitings. She moved to San Diego in November of 2011 and began work at Malin Space Science Systems, where she coordinates with multitudes of scientists daily and operates the MAHLI, MARDI and Mastcam Science cameras.

Upcoming SDAG meetings - 2014

October: Field trip!

November 19: Vic Camp - Mid-Miocene Flood-Basalt Volcanism in the Columbia River Province, Mantle Upwelling and Basin and Range Extension.

December xx: Santa Claus* - I have fossils of 3ma camels, 45ma redwoods and even a 90ma "tropical" turtle (Aurorachelys) coming out from under the ice up here - a global warming ho ho ho.
*Tentative - yet to be confirmed

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