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SDAG Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Location: Emiliano's Mexican Restaurant
6690 Mission Gorge Road,San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 284-2460

Directions: On Mission Gorge Road overlooking Admiral Baker golf course. You will probably have to drive about 1/2 mile past the restaurant and make a U-turn to get into the parking lot.
happy hour
5:30pm -
Social hour  
6:30pm -

Menu: Mexicano Fantastico, Beverage Station, Cash Bar

Cost: $30.00 for non-members, $25.00 for members, $15.00 for students if pre-registered by the deadline, $5 extra if you did not make a reservation. Click the SDAG member checkbox on the reservation form if you are a member.

Reservations: Make your reservation online by clicking the button below no later than NOON, Monday, November 17th. RESERVATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER Monday at noon. Late reservations/cancellations are preferred over walk-ins or no-shows. Fees payable at the meeting or pre-pay with PayPal.
As a new payment option, there will be a phone credit card reader at the meeting.

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7:15pm -

Speaker: Dr. Vic Camp - San Diego State University

"Yellowstone Plume Trigger for Basin and Range Extension, and Mid-Miocene Emplacement of the >1000-km-long Nevada-Columbia Basin Magmatic Belt"

Abstract: Basin and Range extension has typically been explained as the product of broadly distributed shear of the plate interior by Pacific plate-North American plate interaction, or by buoyancy-driven extensional strain associated with a thickened crust. However, there has been little discussion on the potential role of the Yellowstone hotspot in driving large-scale Basin and Range crustal stretching. New data presented in this talk suggest that the Yellowstone hotspot may have been the primary catalyst for mid-Miocene extension throughout the Great Basin with contemporaneous plume-related magmatism extending from the Colorado extensional corridor in southern Nevada to the Columbia Basin in eastern Washington.

Vic Camp received his B.S. degree from Marshall University, his M.S. from Miami University. and Ph.D. from Washington State University. After ten years of international experience in Africa, Iran, Canada, and Saudi Arabia, he began teaching San Diego State University in 1993 where he has taught a variety of courses at all academic levels. His research interests are in geologic mapping, volcanology, igneous petrology, and regional studies on the tectonic evolution of volcanic terrains. His current research focus is on tectonomagmatism associated with the mid-Miocene initiation on the Yellowstone hotspot, and its influence on Columbia River flood-basalt volcanism, Basin and Range extension, and coeval volcanism associated with the ancestral Cascades volcanic arc.

Upcoming SDAG meetings - 2014

November 19: Vic Camp - Mid-Miocene Flood-Basalt Volcanism in the Columbia River Province, Mantle Upwelling and Basin and Range Extension.

December 17: Tom Demere - The recovery of late Oligocene vertebrate fossils in south Carlsbad: Implications for the geologic history of Paleogene strata in northern San Diego County

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January 21: Renee Deutsch - The Impossible Landslide (Carrizo Gorge's 1932 Goat Canyon Disaster)

February 18: Chuck Houser - Calcite

Meetings are usually scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday evening of the month. Meeting information on this website is normally updated the second week of the month.

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