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2014 SDAG Officers

Meetings President -
Brian J. Olson CEG
Crux Engineering Group
Ph: (858) 750-9243

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SDAG Field Trip:   Oct. 10-12, 2014
Traversing a Transform Boundary:
Regional Tectonics,
San Diego through the Salton Trough

2014 Field trip area
San Diego-Imperial County Region from Space

Newsletter Archive
List of Past SDAG Presidents
Chair of the Steering Committee - Dave Bloom
Field Trips Vice President -
Jennifer Bauer Morton

Secretary -
Randy Wagner
Sponsors Treasurer -
Lee Vanderhurst
Ph: (858) 531-7729
Publications Publications Manager -
Lowell Lindsay
Sunbelt Publications
Ph: (619) 258-4911 x111
Fax: (619) 258-4916
Geo-Links Website Manager -
Carolyn Glockhoff
CARO-LION Enterprises

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